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What would cause me to receive "Missing Files" that can't be found error message?

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What would cause me to receive  "Missing Files" that can't be found error message?

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Users may experience a dialog that says there are "Missing Files" that can't be found. There are a number of different scenarios that would cause this: 

* User has disconnected a hard drive that contained dependent audio files.
* Sound Sets are missing or are not installed.
* User only has a ".song" file with no associated Media Folder.
* User has moved a Song from original location and did not move "Media Folder" along with it.

NOTE: It is possible that a user has dependent audio files scattered across different locations or even different hard drives. To remedy this users should open their Song. Then in the Studio One "Browser", go to the "Pool", right-click in the "Pool" and choose "Copy External Files." 

This will bring all referenced audio files that particular song needs, into it's "Media Folder". So if a hard drive is removed that had dependent audio files, this would no longer be an issue.

If you need to install the additional Sound Sets, here's how to do that:  [5] Installing Additional Content (PreSonus Sound Sets)

Song Saving Options Explained

Many users get these confused so here are the differences between the Saving options in Studio One and when you would want to use them. 

[Save]: Use this when you only want to save changes made to a song. This will overwrite the song's original song file replacing with the latest changes made in that song. Many users will do a "Save As" instead of a normal save because the "Save" option is grayed out. That's because changes have already been saved so there is no need to save.

[Save As]: Use this when you want to save a copy of the current song's ".song" file.

This option should not be used for backing up or sending song files to other users as it will not contain any media files needed by the song to open correctly.

This is a way to keep an alternate version of the song. It would be best to just save to the original song's "Song Folder" so that it is kept with it's appropriate "Media Folder." Doing this will also make the new version that was just saved the current opened Document. So any changes made will affect the new "Save As" version, not the original version.

[Save New Version]: Use this to save a new version of the current song. Versions are encapsulated within the original ".song" file. The only way to access a version is by right-clicking the song reference on the "Start" page of Studio One. It will show the different versions of a song that are available.

[Save To New Folder]: Use this to save a copy of a songs "Song Folder" structure. That includes the ".song" file, Media folder (which contains all the audio), and Cache Folder. This would be the appropriate way to back up a song complete with it's audio files to a different location on your hard drive. 

Making changes after doing this will edit the new copied version of the Studio One song, not the original. Alternatively, to back up, a user could copy the entire song's "Song Folder" from the hard drive to it's final destination.