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I have just bought the audio box 22vsl, where can I find the information to set it up and how to use it?

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asked Mar 3, 2017 in AudioBox USB by andyholmes (150 points)
Where can I find information on how to set up the 22vsl? I was told there are videos and simple to follow tutorials

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answered Mar 3, 2017 by gadget69 (30,330 points)
selected Mar 3, 2017 by maxstratmann
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First and foremost, set up a "My Presonus" account. In that account please register all your hardware and software (even if your using Studio one artist that came with the unit). There, in your account, you'll see your software, and licenses and content that comes with it. Install the software from your account, following the directions carefully. Install Universal control, this will install your drivers for your 22VSL. You'll also see a plethora of video's on studio one. Also, a simple google or youtube search will elicit voluminous video's on the devices and software. Further, sign up with the Home Studio Trainer, on Face Book. The "Johnny's have great video's and seminars and even ofer one on one help.

If you've never done any digital recording you have a steep learning curve, so jump right in and get started!
commented Mar 3, 2017 by maxstratmann (42,450 points)
In addition to the answer above I would recommend taking a look at this article regarding setup and usage of the AudioBox series with Studio One: