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StudioLive 32 Series II used solely as a recorder

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asked Apr 2, 2017 in StudioLive Series III by jimschwarz (510 points)

So, I'm really close to buying the StudioLive 32 Series III, but I read a review on ( where the reviewer, a recording person….not a live sound mixer, said that he was dissatisfied with his purchase because the mixer could only record raw audio to the tracks; no gain/compression/eq could be applied to the recording prior to mixing, which requires a DAW. Can anyone who has bought the SL32III please comment on this?  I am coming from an all-in-one platform (AKAI DPS32) and understand that I will be using a DAW to mix at some point in the future, but would like the transition to be as seamless as possible.  Thanks!

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answered Apr 12, 2017 by Michael Martin (88,980 points)
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The reviewer is misinformed.

Series III mixers have Post-DSP recording features, enabled via the Channel Overview. Refer to the Manuals. Series III downloads section link below:
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answered May 30, 2017 by emjayess (150 points)
I am wondering about some of the same issues after finding this review:!  (only one review there as of this writing).

Could someone address both the printing effects issue above as well as the limited amount of line inputs? Seems strange to REDUCE the line inputs from the AI series, no?! What am I missing here?