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Will the StudioLive 32 Series III mixer have SMAART functionality? or Spectrograph on the EQ?

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asked Feb 6, 2017 in StudioLive Series III by loganfirth (240 points)

I noticed in the 'compare models' section of the StudioLive 32 mixers that the new series III mixer, under "Integrates Smaart® Audio Analysis" , says "No (built-in RTA)".
Would you be able to clarify this?

Is Smaart not going to work with this mixer? Are we still going to have access to the spectrograph?

I noticed also in the videos that the spectrograph seems missing from the EQ on the mixer's screen. Will this feature be available on the mixer? Or can we still access via computer?

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answered Mar 21, 2017 by mconrad (1,790 points)
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Smaart is not part of the Series III mixer line. We however, do offer an RTA on all channels and outputs and have plans to implement a Spectrograph.
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answered Feb 6, 2017 by wahlerstudios (105,290 points)

The new board will not have Smaart of Rational Acoustics built in, but a conventional RTA (Real Time Analyzer). This was mentioned in the forums and if I remember it right the RTA and its integration into the equalizers can be seen in one of the live videos from NAMM. As all processing is happening in the board, there is no way to integrate external Smaart features. It was said that the new RTA will be part of UC Surface 2 and that it will be/will become usable on mobile devices. We will see it in about 4 weeks...

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answered Mar 10, 2022 by tmathna (280 points)
I too would like to have the Smaart Wizard added to the series III mixers.