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Need more videos of S1 being used.

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asked May 3, 2017 in Recording by ORCO (2,160 points)
Videos like YouTube help sell products fast. Watching people use Studio One and explain their thought process helps for a multitude of great reasons.

We need more videos. Being able to watch people use this great DAW in real world examples brings new life to people and their DAW.

Allot of us people don't know it's full potential and also it's ease of use.

Maybe as well as having hints on the DAW giving brief descriptions we could have thumbnail videos to click on as well.

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answered May 5, 2017 by AlexTinsley (908,200 points)
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We are planning on doing just this by posting links to community created content in the forum. No pun intended, stay tuned, we are working on this.

In the meantime visit YouTube and search for the dozens if not hundreds of video content already created by individual users already.

If you want something specific, please enter it as a new question. Be as specific as possible is all we ask.
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answered Aug 11, 2018 by timothymcmahon (1,080 points)


I use Presonus Studio One 4 and am making a few tutorial series. If you'd like to see my initial video on automating parameters in third-party plugins, check this out.