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Being able to hide the bar above plugin in plugin window.

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asked Mar 14, 2017 in Studio One Feature Requests by ronnyrydgren2 (960 points)

Would love to be able on a keypress to hide this bar section in plugin window on top.
I use VSTi a lot and some plugins are quite big and would save space for more to be viewed. 
(Fl studio can do this check it out, press on cogwheel to hide and display on the windowbar)

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answered Mar 15, 2017 by ronnyrydgren2 (960 points)
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Link off video off what i´m requesting and why. Using Fl studio to display the feature since it has that.

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answered Aug 27, 2021 by davidviera2 (940 points)
Yes please!!! It's not a big deal, is an easy upgrade and very important... Many laptops aren't Full HD as mine have just 1366x768 of resolution and many plugins have big GUI and the space of this bar is a considerable lost and it's unnecessary to always see it, totally agreed, an option to fold/unfold this area