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Installing rack ears on new Studiolive 16 Series III mixer?

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asked May 13, 2017 in StudioLive Series III by chriscirino (150 points)
Switching out a 16.4.2 for a new Series III an cannot figure out how to mount the rack ears.  Series III has a flush mounted side cover with top and bottom facing allen screws, different to the side plate cover on the older 16.4.2.

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answered May 14, 2017 by markdelgado (200 points)
My sales rep at Sweetwater Sound said they probably wouldn't be available until later this year, like summer/fall... It seems this is a pretty basic feature for "live" equipment. Looks like Presonus really dropped the ball on this one. It looks like I'll have to custom fabricate my own ears. I'm hoping for some sort of resolution. I waited while the 16 series III was on back order for months all the while expecting it to arrive in February, then late Feb., then early March, then April... it came in May. Now with shows booked, I'm left with no safe nor professional way to transport it unless I go to a stationary case & pack it with foam. Not a very professional look when pulling up to a gig... rant, rant, rant... With all that, it's still an awesome piece of equipment  I do love it!
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answered Jun 15, 2017 by michaelalandawson (1,140 points)
I'm very disappointed in that a rack-mountable mixer was released without the actual mounting ears.  I, too, waited until the mixer was back in stock, a couple times, before I placed my order.  I would have hoped by that time, the ears would have been available.  I have a rack where most everything is already patched except for a few 4-ch snakes.  Now, if I want to use the new mixer at the show, I have to patch/unpatch my entire mixer at every show.  Meanwhile, I'm burning through my one-year warranty and I haven't even used the mixer at a show.  The only reason I purchased the mixer before the ears were available is that I got a great Memorial Day discount and couldn't pass it up.

I'm overall pleased with PreSonus equipment.  (This mixer is replacing a seven-year-old 1642.)  However, from what I have seen in articles, videos, etc, Presonus' theme is "...coming later this year."

"We'll sell you the car, now, but the seats will come later."

I haven't taken a close look at removing the side panels.  It's possible they are merely cosmetic and I could fabricate my own ears using the ones from the 1642.  However, if removing the side panels leaves the internals open to the elements, it kind of blows that solution.  I read a FB comment that some guy removed the panels to better fit his home studio desk.  He didn't go into details, but said there were lots of screws.  I think I'll ask him for more details.
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answered Jan 2, 2018 by garyjorgenson (160 points)

I recent purchased a StudioLive 16 Series III mixer from Sweetwater.  Last week I ordered rack ears "PreSonus Rack Ears For SLMAD16" again from Sweetwater.   The ears just came in today and were incredibly easy to install.  The package came with the two ears, an allan wrench and several screws.  All I had to remove from the mixer were the two round rubber pads on the bottom front of the mixer.  The whole process took less than 5 minutes.  

Here's the view from the top:

Here's view from bottom: