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Bounce Midi To Audio & Return Back to Midi

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asked Jun 10, 2017 in Studio One 3 by jasonherbert (290 points)

Once I bounce a midi track to audio (to save CPU) can I then return that audio back to midi if I want to edit it???


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answered Jun 11, 2017 by WaterlooSunset (1,040 points)
When you right click on an instrument track, transform to audio gives you choices. One of them is to preserve the state so you can revert back later with a right click, transform to instrument track.
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answered May 28, 2020 by ricardoguarilha (180 points)
edited May 28, 2020 by ricardoguarilha
Considering you´ve transformed a MIDI instrument to audio, there should be and option "transform to instrument track" when you right click the track channel (not the item)

When transforming the track to audio, just leave the options as they are and you´re good to go.
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answered Jan 1 by jim9081 (150 points)
When you go back to the midi track, if it is grayed out with a muted speaker in the corner, just select the mute tool to unmute it.