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Recording/ bounce "plugin" in realtime from the masterfader.

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asked May 4, 2018 in Mixing by pellefridell (4,270 points)
edited May 4, 2018 by pellefridell

This FR is about having a recorder/ recorder-plugin on the master.

The possibility to record the masterbus before the "post section" and that recording shows up on a "mixtrack" in the session. Like in old days, patching in a 2-track on the master.

As coming from PT (using S1 now since 2015) I often used the workflow to bus all tracks and sends to a "mixbus" and record that to a "mixchannel". Some people call it linear workflow, recording while mixing. The smart thing is mixing using automation and you make a mistake, you just stop, rewind and start again mixing/ recording some bars earlier. When finished through the number the mix is done, just glue the regions on the mixtrack (after carefully crossfades).

Some of you probably recognises that workflow. The advantage to offline bounce is that you actually listened to the mix recorded, if no audible  strange things happened they are not in the mix. It's also great when tracking a whole band and they want cue mixes after the session. The cue mixes are already done.

Since using S1 I have gradually left this workflow, its possible just like in PT but gives some issues with latency, monitoring and possible feedback nobody wants...

I guess there are plugins listening and recording, great when capturing ideas. I sometimes use a Zoom just recording acoustically in the studio. :-)

This as a part of S1 and the result sent to a "mixtrack" in sync with the session would be a killer.

Best regards,

Pelle Fridell

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answered May 10, 2018 by AlexTinsley (924,570 points)
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