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How can i create individual drum tracks using Impact whilst avoiding having all these new and unnessary channels?

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asked Jun 14, 2017 in Studio One 3 by jasonherbert (290 points)

Im really having difficulty with programming individual drums bits using Impact.
Basically - I want the kick drum, snare & hi hats to have their own individual tracks (so that i can set the correct levels and do individual eq'ing).
My issue is if i create a new channel/track for a kick and then i create another channel/track for the snare (using the same Impact preset)
Firstly, i end up with all of the unnessasary impact channels for both the kick and the snare
Secondly, the snare for example is not the the main channel in the mixer (its either the second or third impact channel) and therefore i cant properly eq and have just that specific snare channel to work with)

I really hope this is making sense - im finding this very hard to explain!

So to conclude all i want is to use an Impact preset which can be split into individual drum bits (kick,snare, hats, click) thus creating its own track - with no other unnecessary or unused tracks as a product of this. I find that if i try and create more than one drum bit as a consequence i am left with all of these extra drum channels in the mix.

Any help or specific video links to solve this issue would be greatly appreciated :D

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answered Jun 15, 2017 by lawrencefarr (221,410 points)
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Hi Jason,

Impact Pads can be directed to output to any of it's 16 outputs.   It has 8 Stereo outs and 8 mono outs and you can use any or all of them.   If you only need (for example) 4 outputs for a basic kit, go into the UI and only switch on those 4 or turn the others off.   See the image below.

How any channels Impact presents to the Studio One mix console is completely up to you.   Turn on the outputs you need by checking the boxes and leave the other outputs off.   Only the outputs that are checked there will show up in the mix console.