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Why is Dante Audio not passing through my mixer or Recording Computer?

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asked Oct 20, 2015 in Ai Mixers by abrand2 (32,110 points)
Why is Dante Audio not passing through my mixer or Recording Computer?

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answered Oct 20, 2015 by abrand2 (32,110 points)
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 Configuring your Dante devices and routing Dante audio streams requires using the Dante Controller software for Mac and PC.  If for some reason you find issues with passing Dante audio, make sure you have checked for the following:


  1. Make sure Dante Controller sees all Dante devices on your network.  Make sure your mixers are connected to a network switch and if running UC Surface applications, you have included a router on your Dante enabled managed Switch.  Also make sure that your switch follows guidelines as we cover on our Dante Network Overview.

  2. Make sure the sampling rate on all Dante devices are correct, this includes the sampling rate of the StudioLive AI mixer you are using (NOTE:  StudioLive AI PA speakers will always be at 48 khz sampling rate).  When errors occur, you will notice that instead of green check marks, you will see triangle caution notifications or in some instances a closed red circle.  This is to indicate that there might be an issue with latency problems (see this link here for support on these issues) between devices or the sampling rate is not matching.  

    To view sampling rate on Dante devices through Dante Controller and on StudioLive AI mixers:

  •  Open UC Surface and find the sampling rate in the Settings area of the "Device Settings" proper menu.

  • Dante Controller inside of device properties should have a Config area, showing the configured sampling rate per device.  The name of the device is given by the user, and all devices are able to be selected in Dante Controller.

  • Make sure that the inputs you have routed in UC Surface all have "Network" input enabled.  In order for the Dante Receive to listen to input, the Network option must be selected per channel.