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Why won'y my Firestudio 26 sync with my MacBook Pro ?

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asked Jun 29, 2017 in FireStudio Series by Soucman (150 points)
My Firestudio 26 will not sync with my MacBook Pro (early 2011) macOS Seirra using the latest version of Universal Control.  Once in awhile it works for a short time then cuts out.  Please don't tell me my system is out of date and of no use already?  I am a Vet who spent his disability allowance setting up a PreSonus digital recording studio.  Thanks.

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answered Jun 30, 2017 by Jamesrhone1 (200,390 points)
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Thank you for contacting Presonus Technical Support. Sorry to hear about the recent issues you have been experiencing.

Unfortunately, the FireStudio 2626 has been discontinued for many years. They no longer work with current computers and operating systems.

This product has reached the End of Service. You may find further information here:

List of current EOS products is found here: