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Notion iPad - anyone have a problem when prior entered notes appear when entering notes on following beats?

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asked Jul 20, 2017 in Notion iOS by philipnaroian (270 points)
recategorized Jul 20, 2017 by philipnaroian
Ever since last update, notion for iPad automatically enters prior notes of previous beats when I enter subsequent chord notes.  Anyone else having this issue?  It doesn't matter what instrument.

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answered Jul 21, 2017 by TechSupport77 (195,400 points)
selected Jul 21, 2017 by philipnaroian
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Due to a large number of feature requests to retain the chord on the virtual keyboard when advancing to the next beat, the latest version of the app will keep the previous chord selected when moving to the next note.  You will need to de-select any notes that you do not wish to enter into your score before committing to the next chord.  PreSonus has also seen a few issues come in with this new functionality and they have been logged with our development team for further review.
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answered Jul 21, 2017 by philipnaroian (270 points)


It is definitely a nuisance when switching from one instrument to another and the prior chord entered on another instrument shows up when entering a note for the different/new instrument in the same score.   I did see some prior feedback that I couldn't find earlier asking for a on/off feature that I'd greatly appreciate.  I'm going to go give it a thumbs up when I'm able.

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answered Aug 27, 2017 by fredmays (320 points)
This is definitely an extreme interruption to the work flow that used to be very speedy and productive. Please put in some kind of switch to disarm this function so that the previous default can be used...that is NO notes are carried over from the previous chord. This new function alone now makes me question the value of this program that once was incredible in the previous version.

MY TWO CENTS as an educator that uses this to create accompaniment tracks
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answered Nov 12, 2017 by chrishenry4 (190 points)
Yes, this bug alone has made me nearly completely stop using Notion iOS. I write jazz piano scores and this automatic entry of prior notes is maddening.
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answered Nov 2, 2018 by stuartwalker2 (140 points)
Hi. Just wondering if there is any news on an update that will allow users to disable this function? It is, as others have mentioned before, a big disruption to the work flow. I will add that there is an easier workaround than de-selecting any unwanted notes and that is to quickly toggle between melody and chord input - this will reset the chord function. Not ideal but can speed up the process.
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answered Dec 6, 2018 by clarkblanton (140 points)

As regards the above problem with chord writing from the last update: I use Notion with my music theory class in high school and this “feature” is a terrible idea.  No reason to have to retain a chord “automatically”.  It is a giant nuisance to me in my professional writing and to my students.  Please change it back or give to option to use it or not.  I do not like any of the workarounds that I have discovered so far.

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answered Sep 22, 2019 by katebohonos (220 points)
This drives me nuts too. Am considering buying a surface pro so I can use Staffpad to avoid it. Other than this feature I love Notion!