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Midi clip and its bounced audio are not aligned

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asked Aug 10, 2017 in Studio One 3 by ff20 (190 points)
When I bounce a midi clip to audio clip, I get an offset between the 2 clips. The offset may be positive (I can understand that the audio could have a latency), but also negative (I don't understand why the audio is played before the midi)

I don't see the problem for every instruments. For example, I have a huge offset when I bounce Arturia/Analog Lab instruments

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answered Aug 14, 2017 by Jamesrhone1 (200,160 points)
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Sorry to hear about the recent issues you have been experiencing.

Make sure that the Arturia/Analog Labs instrument plugins are fully up to date to eliminate the possibility that an update you don't yet have for one of those plugins might cure the issue in Studio One... and of course... if you're not using Studio One 3.3.5, update that also.

================= Audio Record Placement ======================

As relates to what you report about the audio placement possibly being off, a little late on playback after recording, if that's happening it could be caused by an audio driver incorrectly reporting it's latency. We would ask what audio device you are currently using to record with and if it's a standalone USB device or similar to make sure that you have installed the latest drivers for it. Even it's a class compliant USB device that works without a manufacturer's driver, if the mfg has a driver available for it and you aren't using it, install it and try it to see if anything works better.

Also, go to Options/Preferences (OS X) > Advanced > Audio and adjust the "Record Offset" setting there to adjust the placement of recorded audio to make up for what may be incorrect latency reporting or some other unknown factor causing your audio recordings to not be placed correctly on the timeline. That setting can shift recorded audio either forward or backward +/- in milliseconds to adjust the placement. Make that adjustment (ex: minus 10 ms maybe) and make a few test vocal or instrument recordings to see if things are better.

We hope some of the above is useful for troubleshooting or curing the issues you reported. If not, let us know by creating a support ticket for follow up, and we'll always be happy to assist.

Here is a link to create a ticket: