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Can a StudioLine 32 Series III control a StudioLive 32 Rack Mount mixer and vice versa?

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asked Aug 22, 2017 in AR Hybrid USB Mixers by jsicard (210 points)
I am setting up a new recording studio at home, and am looking to reset all my gear to the latest/greatest. I have a practice room area that is roughly 30 feet by 20 feet, and a separate fishbowl control room. I would like to set up a Studio Live RM32AI in the main music hall section close to the instruments. I have a dedicated cat5e cable running from the hall to the control room. I understand you can link a CS18AI console using cat5e, but can this also be done with the latest Studiolive 32 series III? This would allow me to control sound from the physical console in the control room, or through iPad in the music hall - keeping everything in sync.

Thanks in advance for any advice on this.


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answered Sep 15, 2017 by jonnydoyle (377,330 points)
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No, the new StudioLive Series III is a different platform to the StudioLive RM32AI and will not work in the manner you described.

The StudioLive CS18AI will control your StudioLive RM32AI and give you some local inputs in the control room too also while giving you wireless control via a tablet.

Please see Section 2.3.4/Page 17 for more information.