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RM32 and AVB Question

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asked Aug 23, 2017 in Ai Mixers by zberto (200 points)
Hi All,

My band carries around an RM32ai to use as a monitor mixer box and also FOH when we have our sound guy. But on shows when our sound guy can't make it, a lot of times the house guy doesn't know or isn't comfortable mixing FOH on an iPad and prefers the house mixing console. This works when the house has a splitter snake. With a splitter, we can still use the RM32 as just our monitor mixer which we control ourselves with QMix.

But some houses don't have splitter snakes. My question is, is there some sort of AVB box that I can connect to the RM32 (my RM32 has an AVB card) that has XLR outputs that we can connect to a house board that doesn't have AVB? I'm figuring a box like this would be smaller and lighter than a full splitter snake.

Also with this configuration (or some other config) is it possible to send audio from a Macbook to the RM32 via network/AVB as opposed to Firewire? Would I need any other hardware for this?



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answered Oct 2, 2017 by Michael Martin (88,980 points)
selected Oct 2, 2017 by Michael Martin
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Unfortunately, no.

The AVB integration with the AI series is limited to AI products only.

You're best bet would be to purchase the CS18 AI control surface for the RM series. This gives you a tactile physical surface to control the RM, like a normal mixer.

However, to retain the Wireless control, you will need to purchase an AVB Switch to connect your router and mixers to. This allows control and AVB audio to pass from the RM to CS18 ( for Solo / Monitor bus listening ) and you can connect your router to the switch to get DHCP IP addressing (Dynamic IP Mode on mixers) to allow UC Surface / QMixUC control.
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answered Oct 11, 2017 by johanvelthuis (210 points)
Sadly this is not possible. Personally I think that Presonus should  NOT be allowed to advertise or communicate that their units have AVB, because it doesn't. It only uses partly integrated AVB protocol to enable communication between a RM32AI and a CS18AI. So it's an internal protocol, and AVB should be an open standard.

I feel misleaded on this by Presonus, because I wanted to use AVB as a recording protocol to my macbook, which is also not possible, and probably never will, since they have problems with the manufacturer of the AVB chip used in the RM32AI.

Please vote for this answer, if you agree with me.

Kind regards,

Johan Velthuis