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Downloaded sounds not working in Notion Mobile

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asked Nov 5, 2017 in Notion iOS by samgomez (120 points)
I downloaded the All Sounds bundle with Notion IOS, and it worked before. I had to reinstall Notion, and I redownloaded all the sounds. The download happened way faster than it should have, and it told me it was complete. All the sounds are still the default piano in playback.

Running version 2.0.183 on an iPad Pro (1st Gen, iOS Version 11.0.2)

4 Answers

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answered Nov 6, 2017 by knutkjl (140 points)
I have the same problem, with the same iPad Pro running iOS 11.1

The sounds are “downloaded” extremely fast, but they are empty.

I hope PresSonus fixes this. It’s serious, I can’t work, and I’ve invested a log of money in sounds :(
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answered Nov 6, 2017 by gfnvanderwerff (140 points)
I have same problem on iPad 2017 running IOS 11.1
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answered Nov 8, 2017 by peterbiermann (140 points)
Same for me :-(
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answered Nov 12, 2017 by marcdavidovits (140 points)
Same Problem here with IPad Pro 10.5 IOs version 11.1. Downloaded the whole library, everything is checked, but still hearing that default piano. Not sure if the sounds are really installed.