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Melodyne vocalign

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asked Nov 8, 2017 in Studio One 3 by joshmartin7 (120 points)
I want to ask about the workflow for editing multiple vocal tracks for an acappella project.  Let’s say I have 8 tracks that need to be pitch corrected and aligned.  I suppose that I would firstly pitch correct the tracks via Melodyne, and then using a reference track,  line up all the tracks in Vocalign.  Which should I do first? Time correct or pitch correct?   Because of the ARA  integration with those two programs,  I wasn’t sure if it would be better to do one first the other second or, does it not matter.  Also, If you copy and paste tracks that have both of those plug-ins used, does the plugin stay with every region you copy and paste? For example, if I have three courses that are exactly the same, can I just Pitch and time correct one chorus and then copy and paste and retain all the edits?

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answered Nov 11, 2017 by jamiemarvel (560 points)
Here are the steps I would take

1.  Make a safety duplicate version of the track and hide it (disable and effects on the hidden track first).  This is especially important if you have comped sections.  Use the appropriate keys to copy while dragging to the new track.

2.  Use the newly created track to do the work.  Be sure to bounce the parts into one track first.

3.  Use Melodyne to do modification such as pitch to the file.

4.  Bounce the track so Melodyne is not using ARA

5.  Complete this for any tracks that will be used with Vocalign

6.  Slice up the files so that the parts that require Vocalign are the same length.

7.  Use Vocalign ARA to align parts to each other.  Choose the master as the best timing and feel.

8.  Bounce the Vocalign parts that are lined up to remove ARA use.

9.  Your tracks are ready to move around as you wish.  Enjoy