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Audio track in midi setup in Studio One Pro 3 and VE Pro 6

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asked Nov 16, 2017 in Studio One 3 by joswylin (1,060 points)
In my latest piece I have a cello and bass playing a pizzicato immediately followed by a pizz-glissando up to the next pizzicato. VSL doesn't provide such a sample. So I had a glissando made in audio for that small passage. I know that you can't mix midi and audio in one track, so I've set up a second track as audio track with that glissando (and nothing else). I've put this in the correct spot and muted the corresponding midi track for that passage. The audio track plays exactly what it was made for, but outside the VE Pro setup (with convolution, EQ'ing...). It goes simply directly to the main output without being sent through the corresponding VE channel. I suppose it should be connected with the VE Pro server (as the rest of the midi channels are), but when I instanciated the audio track in S1, I was not asked to connect it... This is strange and therefore it won't work properly.

Here is my question: how do I set this up in a correct way, so that the audio track passes through the VE setup correctly as it should?


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