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How do I record my tapped tempo with Ntempo

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asked Nov 18, 2017 in Notion by johnamagliani (150 points)
I have tried and tried to get my tapped tempo to record in my tapped performance of a Notion 5 score but I can't seem to get it to work.

I have clicked on "Record Performance on Ntempo Staff." The result is the icon brightens and a blue band appears on the Ntempo Staff. I tap out the tempo I want. I click play. The old (marked) tempo plays back.

I've noticed on youtube videos that the "Toggle Performance mode" icon is set to on (brightened) AND the "Record Performance on Tempo Staff" is clicked (and brightened). I am unable to get both the "Toggle Performance mode" and "Record Performance on Tempo Staff" to both be "on". It's one or the other. Every successful example on Youtube appears to have both turned on.

Also, I have never (not since this problem started) gotten the editable Ntempo information to appear over the Ntempo staff's rhythms.

Appreciate any guidance, help, or advice. Very frustrated. Thanks! -John

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answered Nov 30, 2017 by brianmeisner1 (164,010 points)
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Hi John,

Make sure that you are using the middle row of keys on your computer keyboard instead of the bottom row of keys.  I'm glad that we got that resolved in tech support.  :)