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How user friendly is Presonus Studio 3 Professional?

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asked Dec 1, 2017 in Studio One 3 by garytarplee1 (440 points)

I am new to PreSonus and I am excited to dive into the software. I have been using Sonar Platinum for the last two years and was very used to that platform. Are there any Sonar Platinum users that have switched to PreSonus Professional and are there any "go to" video tutorials for me? I would like to approach this as I dont know anything about this recording software and be able to learn and utilize it to its full potential.

Thank you in advance.

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answered Dec 6, 2017 by ericthompson (830 points)
selected Dec 6, 2017 by garytarplee1
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I am hardcore sonar user though no Craig Anderton and will be making the jump.  I love most presonus products and I am a bit excited to see how it goes.  One thing I have already noticed is that there are an awful lot of unanswered questions on the presonus forum.  Coming from an extremely active, giving... if not somewhat clickish sonar forum, I find this disappointing,  Are there studio one veterans/champions yet and are they actively supporting the user base?
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answered Dec 1, 2017 by stevenmon (260 points)
I was a Sonar user (going back from Cakewalk to Sonar X1) and I made the switch to Studio One Artist last year. To me, Studio One is the most intuitive DAW I've ever used. The interface and workflow just make sense. If you are used to using Sonar, I have a feeling you will learn it very quickly. I found that generally things are very easy to figure out and if I had trouble with something, it was easy to look up in the included Studio One reference manual. You also have access to a whole bunch of videos in your Presonus account (under Learn).

Granted, I'm not a hardcore user, but I bet a hardcore use of Sonar would take to Studio One very easily.
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answered Dec 6, 2017 by garytarplee1 (440 points)

Eric Thompson, It seems that you and I used Sonar about the same. PreSonus gave me some installation issues with ToonTrack (EZ Mix and Superior Drummer) that I racked my head on for about three days, but we finally solved the issue last night. I got to finally do some test recording last night and the platform is very similar to Sonar, other than there is a learning curve on commands (R=Record and so forth, which I cant seem to make apply to PreSonus). 

So far, I am liking it. Still a lot to learn, but I am dangerous enough now to write and record which makes me happy. devil