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White Screen(Tela branca)

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asked Dec 3, 2017 in Studio One 3 by wagnerderek (150 points)

Após atualizar para a ultima versão fica aparecendo uma tela branca e não consigo usar o studio one.

Alguma solução?

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answered Apr 11 by ghasenbeck (351,800 points)
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Problem with blank white screen in Studio One 3 and Universal Control

If you are having a problem in which you are receiving a blank white screen in Studio One 3 or Universal Control, you will want to uninstall a program called "Warsaw" from your computer and run the installer for Studio One once more.  "Warsaw" is a program that is required by the federal banking system in Brazil.  Unfortunately, the program is blocking the UCRTbase.dll file from being properly installed/accessed by Studio One, thus giving you a blank white screen.  Once you have Studio One functioning correctly, please try installing "Warsaw" once more if needed.

If you do not have this program installed on your system, here are a couple of things you can try:

1.  Disable your antivirus software, re-install Studio One again and test for the issue once more.

2.  Uninstall previous versions of the C++ Runtime environment and run the installer for Studio One once more.

3.  Uninstall 3rd-party programs until you discover the one that is causing the issue.

4.  Make sure that you have installed all of your Windows updates.

5.  Try creating a new user account for Windows, log into that account, and run the installer once more.

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