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I need the Firepod drivers for my mac 10.7.5!!!

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asked Dec 13, 2017 in Legacy Interfaces by xavierbourassa (150 points)
I need the Firepod mac drivers for 10.7.5! Thanks!

Couldn<t find it on presonus website.

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answered Jan 17, 2018 by AlexTinsley (912,250 points)
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FirePod was renamed the FP10.

FP10 can be found in the Discontinued Products in the Download section of the Support Page.

On the FP10 Download page, select your OS to find your drivers.

If there are no drivers posted for the OS you are selecting, we most likely don't support that OS for that device.

In your case for 10.7.5 there are drivers posted.

Go to this link to get started and be sure to pick your OS in the drop down where prompted.