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Should I not be inputting two balanced signals (balanced stereo) into a single Temblor T8?

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asked Dec 18, 2017 in Temblor Series by tansupan (120 points)
I currently have two balanced signals: stereo, a balanced right and left, going from a DI box (XLR) to both balanced input on the back of the Temblor T8 (1/4" TRS).  The situation I'm finding is that when both channels are in and the DI box gain is maxed, I have to have to turn the gain way down on the T8 to avoid distortion.  If I gain down at the DI box, and then 0 the gain on the T8 it sounds terrible.

That being said, if I unplug one of the channels, i'm able to run the DI gain at max again, and have the T8 at 0 gain and it sounds perfect.  So what appears to be happening is that its merging the signals, but merging it in a way where it's stacking the signals on top of each other and making the signal way too hot; to the point of clipping.  It sounds good with it gained down at the T8 like this, but should I not be running it like this?  Is it specifically designed for only one channel to be used at a time?

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