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[Temblor T10, two balanced inputs connections usage] Is there a way T10 recognizes what balanced input is used?

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asked Jan 1 in PreAmps, Signal Processors and Monitoring Hardware by vasilireikh (130 points)

Is it possible to use two balanced sources interchangeably (for example, I use XLR for my DAC and TRS for MOTU interface)?
I mean, is it possible, that Temblor 10 will recognize what balanced connectors are used if I plug in two pairs of balanced connectors, but I use only one.
For my Temblor 10, I can connect only one pair of balanced connectors (TRS).
Temblor 10  doesn't recognize my additional input pair  (XLR) and continue to use the first connectors. To use the second pair (XLR), I need to pull out the TRS pair. How can I use the second balanced pair without unplugging the first pair?

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