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Why can't I download Studio One 3 and why can't I hear what I'm trying to do?

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asked Dec 25, 2017 in Studio One 3 by soundsyndikate (150 points)
edited Dec 25, 2017 by soundsyndikate
I'll try to keep this brief.

We bought the audiobox 2 because we needed power for our microphone, we're wanting to record vocals into FL Studio (or record tracks into Studio One 3 and transfer into FL Studio, at this point we'll take anything).

We're working with brand new computers with plenty of memory and RAM. When we plug in the audiobox to either computer, both computers go crazycakes. We can hear the microphone through the headphones connected to the audiobox, but we cannot hear sound going on in the computer (eg, youtube videos, FL studio tracks, etc.)

What's worse is with the audiobox plugged into my computer, FL studio is not working properly. It keeps crashing. My husband is thinking it's something wrong with the audiobox, I'm really hoping he's wrong.

I'm on my third attempt to download studio one 3 onto my computer because the first two times when I tried to open the download package it automatically deleted off of my computer. I'm not sure what to think about that.

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answered Dec 25, 2017 by gregdenson (7,900 points)
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Log into, go to "my account" if you haven't already, register your stuff, then download the universal

control for your audiobox which will install the drivers. Then you can download and install studio one.