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New lap top not connecting to my audioBox i Two

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asked Jan 13, 2018 in Studio One 3 by brianmeyer1 (120 points)
Installed on new lap top getting faults for "Failed to open speakers(2-Presonus AudioBox i Two)!"  and "Failed to open Line"

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answered Jan 13, 2018 by isaiahnewsome1 (180 points)

I apologize for the unfortunate issue you're having. But let's try to side track the frustration pal. You should re-download the audiobox software...try to keep the same version you initially started with, not an upgraded version. Once you've done the audiobox software download again, restart your Presonus application. When Studio One appears, go to "configure audio device", then "External Devices". Your audiobox should show up. Go to "Audio Set Up" and you will see "Audio Device". Click "Audio Device" column and a list of audio device options will appear. You can choose your device if you'd like. I like to choose the main device already on the computer which is "Windows Audio". Then select "Control Panel" located right near the "Audio Device" selection column. When the "Control Panel" menu appears, make sure the "Recording Device" is linked to the "Line (Audiobox)" and the "Playback Device" is connected to the "Speakers/ Headphones". Once you've completed these steps your system should record audio as necessary. Tell me how things work for you.