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Addictive Drums / midi / wave loops or functions

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asked Jan 15, 2018 in Studio One 3 by pabloburbano (160 points)

Coming from Sonar (the Exodus has commenced)... I have just started playing with Studio One and so far so good! I'm glad that it works with Addictive Drums (AD) & Melodyne and seems pretty cool... but...

In sonar, after you drag a beat from Addictive Drums, you can right click on that midi section and select..(argh just forgot the name of the option but I think is called make a groove selection) so what it does is that you can then select the end of that clip and drag it for as long as the song goes... hence you can make a 5 second drum beat into 3 minutes if you want.. (it doesn't loop but takes that part already there and just fills the rest of the section you just created).

I noticed Studio One has a 'duplicate' section but do you know if you can do this?? it's is very helpful when you have a drum beat that has all you need and  you just drag it for the duration of the song not having to worry about copying & pasting...

I looked for manuals/videos.. I haven't seen any covered this topic, if you know of any, please send the links. Thank you!!!

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answered Jan 30, 2018 by PreSonuSupt4 (221,100 points)

That's not currently possible in Studio One.  Check the feature request section to see if it's been asked for and if so vote it up, and if not make a feature request.
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answered Feb 3, 2018 by bingbond (240 points)
Using the Duplicate function is very fast. Using the keyboard shortcut "d" will copy the selected part (or parts) to the end of itself. You can keep hitting "d" multiple times or hold it down and the computer's key repeat function will cause "duplicate" to repeat very quickly.

There is also a "duplicate shared" function (shift+d) that does the same thing except if you edit any one of the "shared duplicates" all the rest will have the same edit.

If you have two different beats from addictive drums in a row, you can select both and "duplicate" will copy both of them to the end.

This ,very quickly, allows you to repeat a complex pattern made of multiple parts.