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Unable to drag additional wav file from Addictive Drums2 to Studio One 4

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asked Sep 19, 2019 in Studio One 4 by andystilin (180 points)

When using Addictive Drums2 you can click on a kit piece to record a wav file to drag to your DAW. I am able to drag the first wav file created into the track window in S1 4. However, if I record another kit piece and drag the wav over I receive the following message:

"Please make sure that your host is set up to make a copy of dropped rather than just referencing the dropped file"

If this copy vs. reference setting exists in Studio One 4, where would I find it to check?

Thanks in advance

1 Answer

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answered Feb 1 by henryprzybycien (140 points)
This YouTube video explains how to drag and drop Addictive Drums onto your timeline

Cheers to all