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How can I connect my Roland TD-11 to PreSonus Audiobox to Studio One? Or just Roland to Studio One directly?

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asked Jan 23, 2018 in Studio One 3 by jessekalamian (140 points)
I need serious help with this.  I saved up my money to buy all this gear under the impression that this would be the most simple program and setup to figure out and after hours and hours and countless tutorials and blogs such as this one, eventually switching from GarageBand to Studio One thinking it would be easier to only run into the same issues, needless to say, I'm extremely frustrated.  When I connect through the MIDI, I get the little MIDI meter in the bottom left to light up, but still no notes come through to the actual program.  When I connect directly from the kit to the computer, I get nothing.  I already configured my external devices on the start page and I'm honestly lost with this.  Please help me with this, I'm past the point where I'm able to take all this gear back and I don't want my money to be wasted!  I'm just a musician, not a computer programmer, so this stuff is completely foreign to me.  If theres no help that you guys can give me, do you know of any people I can contact to help me set it up?  Thank you all in advance.

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answered Mar 10, 2018 by Jamesrhone1 (200,340 points)
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The following information will show you how to configure Studio One to receive MIDI signals from your drum kit. Keep in mind, this is only the Studio One side, we don't have your drum kit and not sure of what settings need to be set there.  This is the way you set it so it can trigger sounds inside Studio One.  You may need to contact Roland for setup information regarding using the TD11 with an external virtual instrument.

In Studio One, open Preferences > External Devices.

1. For drum pads, or any device that sends MIDI note messages, you will need to create a New Keyboard, with the MIDI "Receive From" assigned to the MIDI port the drum device is connected to, but you don't need the MIDI "Send To."  Set this as the Default Instrument Input. Don't check any of the MIDI filter boxes.

2. Start a new Song in Studio One.

3. Add Impact to a track and select a kit inside of Impact.

4. Arm the track and put the Monitor to On. Since you set the Drum as the default, it should already be set as the default MIDI input to this track.

Once you do this and strike a pad, it should trigger the sounds in Impact.

Please contact support if you have additional questions.