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Have presonus discontinued the CS18 and the RM32 ...?

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asked Feb 2 in StudioLive CS18Ai by Musikken (630 points)
Egen will there be a firmware Update for CS15 and RM32 ?

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answered Feb 3 by jonnylipsham (8,180 points)
These devices are not discontinued as far as I know. You can always check via the discontinued products list on the preSonus website.
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answered Mar 2 by tymote1 (140 points)
It is suspicious - while they are not on the discontinued product list, and the website still features them with no mention of end of life - the price drop to $999 everywhere and now Sweetwater listing it (at the same price) as a "Closeout" sale sure seems to say that the channel will be drained of stock soon.
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answered Apr 26 by jonnydoyle (29,200 points)
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They are not discontinued and are still supported. 

You can take part in the new Beta firmware for the mixers if you wish. 


"We ask that all questions and bug reports for public beta issues be directed to the public beta forum, and not via technical support tickets or calls. Tech Support will not be able to assist with beta software and firmware. You should direct all questions, concerns, and bug reports to this forum in the appropriate section."