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How to make my songs into mp3s

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asked Feb 8, 2018 in Studio One 3 by michaeldarby2 (120 points)
How do I go from wav files to mp3s

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answered Feb 8, 2018 by karstenvogt (3,450 points)

Check the mixdown settings. If you aren't working with Studio One 3 Professional consider upgrading. By default StudioOne Artist doesn't support MP3.

Upgrade Options
1) Upgrade to Studio One 3 Professional which supports MP3 import and export by default.
2) Purchase the MP3 Converter for Studio One Artist.

Or use a tool like Audacity with LAME mp3 codec to convert the exported wav-file from Studio One to mp3 (pretty cumbersome). Consider the upgrade to Studio One Professional. You'll get a lot of more cool stuff with it.