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Trying to Record into USB Audiobox Interface Directly From My Keyboard To Make Separate Tracks

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asked Aug 16, 2018 in Studio One 4 by hannahmariotti (210 points)
Hello everyone, I recently received my USB Audiobox 96 and have Studio One version 4. I'm trying to record my album in Studio One the same way I would when I loop the performance live. Lately, the best way I've been able to loop a section of music in this software is by duplicating the previous sequence. Also, everything is coming from my Yamaha PSR E413 keyboard the sounds, the bass, the drums, etc. So rather than recording each track individually into my Boss loop station and then taking all the time to transfer it into computer and finally into Studio One, I'd prefer to plug my keyboard straight into the Interface and record everything on time one by one straight to the software. Then just duplicate each separate track as if I'm looping everything live, as many times as I'm trying to achieve. I just want all the tracks to be separate so I can raise and decrease the levels of each sound as I wish.
Initially I recorded a few songs in my loop station with one track having bass and drums playing simultaneously and I realized I should not be doing that and I should be recording the bass & drums separately so I can edit & tweak them individually. It's a matter of starting the process all over again but I'm really hoping someone can help me find an easier way to this process.

Can anybody please give me some suggestions for this kind of thing? I'd like to leave the looper out of the recording scenario for this since it takes more time. I do have a DI box but no TRS cables just yet. I want to make sure it's even a safe thing to plug my instruments into Interface as well. How can I record individual tracks on time through my keyboard into Interface?
Thank you.

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