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Instrument input volume limited

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asked Feb 12, 2018 in Studio One 3 by jonathanhines (130 points)
I use AudioBox 1818vsl as my interface with Studio One 3 on my Mac. Out of the box, set up worked fine for nearly a year. Brought the setup to band practice, was able to record my jam sessions with everyone getting their own inputs. The input volumes would record somewhere between -25 and -10 db, with the interface input volume knobs set to some where around -20db. The recordings were awesome. No issues.


Seems randomly (I say randomly cause I don't usually tinker with settings, I'm a plug and play type of person) out of the blue, I can't get my input volumes any higher than -36db. I can turn the input vol. knobs on the interface all the way up to +50db, and input will limit at -36db. everytime, every session, on every input. Can't seem to figure out what changed or what is causing the input volume to be limited to -36db. This is causing problems for me being able to record quality music.

Any thoughts? Much Appreciated!!

**software and interface has the latest firmware and updates installed.

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