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Volume Level indication between plugins...

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asked May 3, 2018 in Instruments and Plug-Ins by metegok (900 points)
edited Jun 5, 2018 by metegok
Some other DAWs (won't mention names yet, unless needed) have a very handy feature of indicating the signal level at the input & output of each plugin, on the left & right hand side of the plugin window. Therefore, Gain Staging becomes a breeze.

I always have to carry VU meter plugin between the plugins, so as to ensure appropriate gain staging. But it is time consuming.

I request Presonus developers to employ a input level meter & output level meter in the plugin display of Studio One. I also would like other Studio One users to support me in this regard.

I believe it is a simple matter for Presonus developers to employ that, but it will be a huge convenience, for the bedroom producers like me, to ensure proper gain staging and as a useful tool for troubleshooting in the mix, so plugins don't misbehave unintentionally.



Note: Ableton & Reaper possess similar functionality. This view shall be observed in plugin view, and also plugin list view on console.

I would like to thank Christiano for his answer. But, unfortunately, it is not a solution. I am sure Presonus designers will come up with awesome designs to ensure proper gain staging inside Studio One.



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answered May 10, 2018 by AlexTinsley (911,850 points)
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Thank you for the feature request. 

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answered May 12, 2018 by cristianomello (640 points)
If you look at the mixer or inspector, there is vu meter on the fader of each channel that shows the output of all plugins, including the last one you have added to the fx chain so, there is no need to you carry a meter between plugins. You should check the fader vu meter before you add a new plugin to the fx chain, or just disable the last plugin and check the meter. Also, you should not work at 0db limit on every channel since you will need like 5 or 6db of headroom at master channel for mastering. Ableton have a vu between plugins because the fx chain its not inside the mixer
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answered Jul 22, 2019 by metegok (900 points)

Please take a look at a screenshot from webiste, which shows how Ableton handles appropriate signal leveling between plugins. Recently, Presonus made an improvement on appropriate gain staging to adjust gain levels for a track to aid in proper gain staging at the beginning of the chain.

Monitoring signal levels between plugins for proper gain staging of each plugin is the natural increment for the last advancement of Presonus for gain staging IMHO.

Let's see how this goes...