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How do I fix recording lag in Studio One first editon?

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asked Feb 14, 2018 in Studio One 1 by (230 points)

-Dell Inspiron 17 7000 w/ 2TB HD, 16GB RAM, Windows 10

-Zoom H2 Recorder (NOT the H2n) connected via USB as an audio interface

-Yamaha CX series mixer going from REC OUT to LINE IN on the above Zoom recorder

I am recording at 44.8kHz.  I try to monitor it using the monitor feature on my drum track in Studio One but it is delayed 72 MS I believe.   I went from 512 samples all the way down to 32 samples, but nothing changed at all and I don't understand why. I would have thought it would have possibly lessened it a little but it didn't seem to be applying to the track at all.  I tried exiting and launching Studio One several times but I got the same result each time.  It isn't just the playback either.  Looking at the recording the entire track is shifted so that it is offbeat a specific amount for the duration.  It's almost like it's not registering the audio fast enough and I don't understand why since this should be a pretty powerful computer.  I'm trying to fix it before I upgrade from Studio One Artist first edition to Studio One Professional third edition so that I know if my system can handle it or not.  Thanks.

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answered Apr 17, 2018 by AlexTinsley (906,520 points)
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Studio One version 1 is not compatible with Windows 10.

Please upgrade to Studio One 3 to resolve this issue.