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asked Feb 22, 2018 in Thunderbolt - Quantum by darrenmacklin (500 points)
Yeah, makes sense.  Roland suggests recording stereo drums (audio reference track) and midi simultaneously...but I'm expecting latency with the midi track since it won't be true USB 3 connection (TD 25KV is standard USB out I think).  But I guess you would just mute your midi track.  Then delete the stereo instrument track when ready to mix the multitracked  midi vdrum data.

I don't even have my DAW yet or the Quantum. I pick up the iMac today and will order the Quantum next week .  I just wanted to know what's possible with the Quantum and the V drums.  Thanks.
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answered Feb 22, 2018 by philangus (9,720 points)
I don't see the point in recording the drums audio and midi at the same time. If you record midi, you have full control on changing drums or drum parts etc, and quantising out any bad errors (you probably don't make as many as me!). You can then explode the parts to different separate tracks and bounce those parts to audio in Studio One, thus giving you total control over the various drum sounds. If you record everything to a stereo audio track, you are stuck with all the drums within that track. Therefore, I don't see any point in it. I have certainly never needed a reference track.

I don't have any noticeable latency. there is definitely no latency on the midi side. With the Studio 192, if you select zero latency on the audio monitoring track, there is no latency. With the Quantum it is much the same.
asked Feb 22, 2018 in Thunderbolt - Quantum by darrenmacklin (500 points)
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