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asked Jun 28, 2020 in Studio One 4 by jasonmoore22 (180 points)
Tracks vary.  However... nothing should be super CPU intensive.  At MOST I have 4 guitar tracks, a bass track, 1-2 vocal tracks.  I do use Superior Drummer which take up a lot of RAM.... but I've got 64 gigs and if I disable it completely it only drops me about 20%.  I use very few native plugins.  Mostly stuff from Izotope... However... I am very aware of using Aux & Buses when possible, I am very aware of not having a million plug-ins going / disabling anything that is not completely necessary.   BEST S1 can do on my machine with a session loaded and not even playing or tracking is 50-60% CPU usage.  If playing or tracking it is typically 80%-150% and even over 200% if mixing down.  I'm running a core i7 2.6 ghz processor with 64 GB of RAM.  My internal temperature is OFTEN over 120 degrees after about 5 minutes of IDLE TIME with S1.  No other software does this to my machine.  I have increased buffer size to the max.  I have stripped down my sessions to be as minimal as possible.  The only explanation is that S1 is not using CPU cores effecienctly / effectively.  I see in the forums where this has been a requested update for many years.

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