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Will adding ambience-mics when recording give us phase-problems?

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asked Mar 7, 2018 in Computer Based Recording & Production by redrocker (130 points)
We are using a StudioLive RML32AI-mixer for our band ( We usually records every session (rehearsals aswell *** performances). I'm thinking about adding an ambience-mic (our maybe 2 for stereo) as we use in-earmonitoring and I think that will help getting a good monitorsound.

The question is: if we enable the ambience-mic(s) for recording in Capture...will it give us any phase-problems? If there anything we could do to prevent it?


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answered Mar 8, 2018 by johnandersen (2,220 points)
Hi Magnus,

Phase issues usually only come in to play when you have 2 mics recording the same instrument (vocals, guitars, Snare, all the same), and the mics are very close to each other.

If this happens there is a “phase switch’ where you can reverse the phase on one of the mics.  You can do this in UC Surface. (Little icon that looks like a circle with a line drawn through it).

You will know there is an issue because the recording will sound “thin”.

All that being said, this should NOT be an issue with room mic

Good luck✌️