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How to create own Tehcnique for MIDI (display it in panel technique) and Rules

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asked Mar 19, 2018 in Notion by Obloha (410 points)
How can I create tehcnique for midi? I mean techniques like pizz., arco etc.. and add it inside technique panel. It is possible?

Another question is, inside Rule editor there are UserTechniques. How can I create it? There is empty space when I choose UserTechnique.

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answered Apr 20, 2018 by TechSupport77 (195,940 points)
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Here is an excerpt from the Notion User Guide, which can be found on page 9.11

Preset Expressions
There may be expressions or articulations defined in your VSTi, that do not
exist in Notion. To add these to your score, follow the steps:
1. Create the expression name in the Preset.xml within the Preset folder
2. Create a Rule for playback for this expression, within the Rules Editor in
3. These custom expressions can now be recalled from the palette - click
the arrow, place on the score, and then select which custom expression
you want to add.
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answered May 11, 2019 by sunlove (4,260 points)