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Looking for 4in/4out 24/96 that connect to ID22 with Toslink (ADAT)

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asked Mar 21, 2018 in PreAmps, Signal Processors and Monitoring Hardware by jean-francoismartel (160 points)
I'm trying to figure out if you guys at Presonus have a AD/DA that could connect as slave to my ID22 to give me 4 extra IN/OUT at 24/96.

I was looking at the DP88 but its unclear as if I can change the sample rate in standalone mode while connected to my ID22.
I also looked at your Studio 192 or 18/24 and still couldnt tell if the sample rate would listen to the master clock of my ID22.

I've had 2 bad experience with the DIGI 002R and the ********* ADA8200. They would stick to 44.1khz in standalone mode and impossible to switch to 96khz
Thanks for your answers.

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answered Apr 13, 2018 by butchrichard (131,290 points)
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If "stand alone" AD/DA is what you're looking for, the DP88 is what you need.  It most certainly can sync to external clock via ADAT or BNC.