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Operate recording keys and assign function in the LEARN MIDI menu

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asked Apr 10 in Studio One 3 by alejandrociardelli (120 points)
Hello Studio One technicians!
I have a keyboard Arturia KeyLab 88 and I managed to set it to use with StudioOne but there are two things I could not do:
1. use the record, play, forward and replay buttons with the Stidio One.
2. On the console I went to External, to the keyboard Keylab of Arturia; I edited it, I could Learn and I recognized all the knobs and faders but when I clicked right to assign a function to that knob or fader, the assign function did not appear as I saw it in a StudioOne 2.6 video where they assigned multiple actions with that command where it appeared a fold-out with all the possibilities, in my Studio One 3 that function does not appear. Can you teach me how to assign a value to a knob or fader?
From already thank you very much for your time.

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