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HELP! I Just got the RODE AI-1 and it doesn't work with Studio One 2 Producer.

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asked Apr 28, 2018 in Studio One 2 by shellnote (150 points)
Any suggestions for making the RODE AI-1 interface with Studio One 2 Producer? The computer recognizes the device -- I get audio from YouTube... But Studio One won't recognize it. I'v done all the upgrades.

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answered Apr 28, 2018 by AlexTinsley (924,900 points)
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I can see from your account that you are running a Windows OS. This is important because all the videos for that product show Mac systems which uses a class-compliant OS X driver.

Studio One on Windows wants to see an ASIO device driver, without it, your device may not appear as the named device, it will instead show up a Windows Audio Device. So why doesn't your interface show up?

Unlike Mac OS X, Windows does not have it's own low latency class compliant (or ASIO) device driver, it's WDM driver has too high a latency even when it is selectable, you must get the ASIO driver from the download page for your interface. In this case, you'd go to downloads at: (for others reading this, you have to go to your device download page and if you don't see one, email their support to ask for where to get it)

Once you install the ASIO driver, Studio One should recognize the AI-1 in the audio device selection on the start page or from preferences. Click on "Configure Audio Devices..." on "Start" page to select your device. Watch this video:

You'll then need to setup your I/O which you can watch in this video:

If this is all new to you, then I would strongly suggest watching more videos from our Studio One 2 tutorial series here:

If you're continuing to have trouble contact your vendor for support on how to setup your interface on Windows.
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answered Dec 6, 2020 by shefqetbeqiraj (160 points)
Rode AI-1 sucks with any DAW. U cant forget it.