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Folder tracks take up more space than needed

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asked May 13, 2018 in Mixing by donaldfincher (650 points)
When folder tracks are expanded, the folder track itself takes up more space than necessary. When the vertical track size is set to [normal], the folder track nicely contains the menus and buttons that available to it. But as soon as the vertical track size is set to [medium] or larger, there is a lot of extra space that is used for nothing. So, when folder tracks are expanded, they should have a maximum vertical size of [normal].

Clearly, when folder tracks are collapsed, they do benefit from being able to have a vertical size larger than [normal] since the waveforms of all the tracks contained in the folder are visible on the folder track itself. Thus, when collapsing a folder track, it should snap to the vertical size shown at the bottom of the screen in the vertical track size selection menu.

Thanks for you consideration! This is important to me because I have lately begun using nested folder tracks as a way to better organize my drum loops. I have a top level folder track for all drum loops. But then, I add a child folders for each loop library I am using. Then the drum loops go in those child folders. Of course, the drawback is I am wasting space on the screen.

By the way, as an alternative implementation of my feature request, perhaps there could be a check box for freezing the vertical track height.

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answered May 18, 2018 by AlexTinsley (910,060 points)
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