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add new bus channel to folder track command

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asked Oct 2, 2020 in Mixing by siniablagus (1,940 points)
edited Oct 2, 2020 by siniablagus
It would be great if you could make "add bus channel" to folder track command so we can do it with the keystroke or so that we can make macro for pack tracks to folder and then add new bus to it.

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answered Oct 2, 2020 by jackchicago (1,510 points)
Again, you can do this if you add an Automation Track for your Bus Channels. I'd also recommend this video:

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answered Oct 2, 2020 by siniablagus (1,940 points)
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@ jackchicago

yes, I know that, but this is not available as key command, I want to have this as key command so that I can use it when making macro, a macro that does everything from this video with one click...this would be possible if there was a command that adds new bus to selected folder

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answered Dec 25, 2020 by michaelpardus1 (2,080 points)
= DEAR PRESONUS STAFF. PLEASE SUM UP SIMILAR POSTS IN ONE TOPIC = There are multiple similar pools. Please sum them up as this feature is dead forward and simple to implement.

Basically: With folder packing, make an option to create bus for this folder automatically.

In other DAW (Bitwig) = Folders are buses.
IN Studio One we have folders AND buses.

PLESASE:  Add functionality when creating a Folder from tracks, to create and LINK BUS to that FOLDER automatically.

so: When you packing tracks to a folder, please (have an option in settings to) create BUS for this folder automatically and link to that FOLDER.
asked Jan 15 in Mixing by patpeterson2 (280 points) Folder Bus option
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answered Jan 27 by klausnyberg (1,200 points)
This one is needed. Along with the Mono-Stereo function. So you can change a track type by a hotkey and use it in macros.