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Random MIDI playback errors in Studio One 2 Artist

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asked May 30, 2018 in Studio One 2 by rreno112 (190 points)
edited May 30, 2018 by rreno112
I am sending a midi track (through the MIDI output on my Firestudio Project) to an external keyboard, and recording the output of that keyboard onto an audio track.  I get random, unpredictable errors when I do this -- missing notes, missing sustain pedal events, even sometimes added notes.  I can play back and monitor the midi track, and it will not make mistakes, or at least not in the same places as it did when recorded onto the audio track.

I have tried many different combinations of settings (midi clock, timecode, etc.) with no effect.

I am using Studio One 2 Artist with a Firestudio Project and Windows XP.  I know XP is not supported anymore but it was when Studio One 2 came out, and I have done this exact same procedure (convert midi to audio using my external keyboard) with other software without any errors.  I have the last version of Studio One 2 (  My drivers (Universal Control) are up-to-date.

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answered Jun 3, 2018 by rreno112 (190 points)
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I figured it out.

The problem was with the Firestudio Project's MIDI output (apparently it's glitchy).  I connected my external keyboard (Korg SV-1) via USB to send the MIDI data and that solved the problem.