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asked Jun 15, 2018 in Video by DiSHu (840 points)
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As a Television Post-Production team in Ukraine we needed:

1 - Lock/ Unlock events on the timeline to avoid any movements during editing.

2 - XML Export is a huge function for music editors who make notes of hundreds of songs every week.

3 - OMF format  still necessary for editors who work in Final Cut 7

4 - AAF improved it's common practice when we need to add some changes to the session from new AAF but in the same project.

5 - RX Connect is the most powerful tool in our work, that's why an ability to send events from S1-RX C to RX6 Standalone is more than important.

6 - Macros for Plug-ins for musicians as for sound mixers as well do our work faster and simpler. Fx-Chains that we can process to event or group of events. (for example leveler, de-click, de-noise three processing in one button)

7 - EBU R-128/ ITU1770 Normalize ability to normalize one or couple of event to any True Peak / any LUFS levels

8 - Waveform pencil this is a great future to draw a level of the waveform in an event, not only via automation curve. 

9 - METERING Color change it helps understand easier what the level we have. Make this option up to users. 

10 - Split to mono / Pull together do a way to create from two mono tracks (l+R channels, all stereo often separate after video editing) one stereo track, without using a pool or so. Just create a stereo track and move to mono there (as it is in Pro Tools), or through the right click of a mouse and choose to combine to stereo

11 - Ukrainian Language I can help you to do it

Best Regards, Alex Swan

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answered Jun 18, 2018 by AlexTinsley (924,900 points)
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