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Laundry List of much needed features

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asked Nov 29, 2020 in Atom Pad Controllers by edmisik (260 points)
I think the Atom Pad has good potential. There are some glaring shortcomings that should be addressed I feel

- Please make the Atom pad so the lights time out after non use and/or make a key combo to do that.  I think many of us are tired of looking at lights when not in use and think it is dumb to have to unplug the thing to make the lights stop

- Please make drum pads from vst's play as drum pads rather being stuck in scales mode.

- Please offer a Controller Editor

- Please make the knobs function normally

-The new scales mode has ruined this pad for those of us who were happily using much better control of scales via Komplete Kontrol or Scaler. Atom doesnt even offer Lydian mode which is a very popular mode as one example. If you are going to inflict this upon us, at least give us the way to shut scales mode off so we can use things the way they were.  And while you are at it, how about making control of the scales more accessible

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