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closed Select (range) and Slice tool HORROR

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asked Jun 24, 2018 in Studio One 4 by tomekosiowy (220 points)
closed Jun 24, 2018 by tomekosiowy
Hello. Is there a way to TOTALLY DISABLE SLICE tool? Or to reconfigure tools chooser/mechanism? I work with synths and midi only so I don't need slicing tool for bars in a song timeline. The problem is that sometimes double clicking on the bar enters the midi pattern (block) editor and sometimes double clicking slices the block on the timeline (even if the Slice tool is not selected!). It's so illogical - the only thing that really sucks in Studio One (3 and 4). This slows down workflow for about 75%. Help please, becouse I can't work that way. When double clicking: I never know when it will slice a block and when it will enter the block into Editor. Massacre.
closed with the note: It seems that it requires to click on the bottom half of the block to enter editor and on the top half of the block to slice it. Still a little stupid (not clean) way.