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This EPIC feature is missing!

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asked Jul 4, 2018 in Recording by akheecubano (610 points)
Hey Presonus

i've been producing for many many years, i've used acid pro, cubase 5 and 7, Fl Studio, Logic Pro X,

and i love Studio One, however, there is a few things inside Studio One 4 witch has really been bothering me.

1. We need the capture recording they have implemented in Logic Pro X, in Studio One 4.

2. The Low Latency Mode inside Logic Pro X, can really come in handy sometimes, thats missing.

3. SampleOne is really not good for 808's, it makes the 808 sound bad, as if there were something coloring the sound inside SampleOne, and it makes my 808 stop right before the next one hits, thats really weird.

If these 3 things will be implemented in the next update, i will marry Studio One 4, but right now, she can be nothing more than my Girlfriend.

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answered Jul 5, 2018 by robertgray3 (40,110 points)
selected Jul 10, 2018 by benpierce
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1- there’s an FR for that here, vote on it, tell your friends, etc

2- we do have a low latency mode, it’s called Low Latency Monitoring, there are some great videos online about it

3- not sure what you mean about the “tone” but for the note cutting off it sounds like you’ve just got it set to the wrong playing mode and envelope settings for your application. The reference manual should be able to explain that- there’s a chapter on Sample One XT. I put samples right from arrange into Sample One frequently and I don’t notice any difference in bass unless I engage the filter with the blue button next to “Filter”. That will color the tone a little even if your cutoff is high so maybe check there first. Also be sure to create a fresh patch in v4, importing v3 patches is sadly bugged and will engage the filter even if you turn it off.

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answered Jul 5, 2018 by akheecubano (610 points)
Thanks for providing me with that link, i just gave my thumbs up vote!.

as regards to the low latency mode, i will check that out!.

As for the third answer, i have turned everything off, the filter, the pitch etc, and the 808 sound that i have dragged into SampleOne, defiantly does not sound the same as how the original 808 sample sounds, especially the 808s with alot of distortion is easy to compare, thats a big issue for me, and im sure alot of other people feel the same way.

One more thing, for us UAD Apollo audio interface users!, it is really annoying that when i press the arm for record button on a audio track, that the monitor mode turns on with it!, that causes a chorus effect because im monitoring through my apollo twin, there should be a setting to NOT make the monitoring button turn on whenever i press R.
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answered Jul 6, 2018 by robertgray3 (40,110 points)

I think you'll be excited to know that what you're talking about with monitoring and recording is already a feature. Click on the wrench in the top left corner of the arrange view and at the bottom under Audio there's an option called "Monitoring follows Record". I leave this off like you.

For getting better acquainted with little less-obvious features like these I can't recommend the Groove 3 Studio One tutorials enough. Honestly the ones that go over the little updates like 3.3 or 3.4 are some of the most useful because they go in-depth explaining all these little features like this that were added in minor point releases down the line. A lot of super useful stuff was added just in the last 2 years - how encouraging and exciting is that!? I can't wait to see what new options in my workflow might be enabled through their consistent improvement of Studio One.

I'll look into the 808 thing sometime. I use a lot of 808s and haven't heard anything glaringly bad. I might not have noticed a little color and you seem pretty convinced that it is noticeable and not in a good way... I'll try to remember to A/B a bit next time I'm putting 808s in a beat... with current trends it should be soon lol